Thursday, November 10, 2011

He's Twittering

The following are Facebook statuses and tweets -- if you're interested in getting these bits from the mythical town Mount Revere, Iowa then check out The Iowa Goatsinger on Facebook or The Iowa Goatsinger on Twitter.

-- this morning before the dawn --
he put on his white hoodie and his running shoes,
and he went outside to play the rabbit
down the streets of Mount Revere.

-- was that Hendrix whispering in my ear just now?  Tempting me down the hole with the promise to teach me a new song?

-- his hood this morning flapped against his skull as he ran, and he wondered: Is this what it's like to run with long ears?

And Rabbit? He twitched at the sound of the man running at him, still some fifty yards off; then heard it for what it was, held himself still until the man ran by, and relit his pipe.

-- he wonders, as he runs up and down the streets in the darkness this morning: Why is the rabbit not afraid? --and answers back: Because he's smarter than the cat.

He ran up and down Mount Revere this morning --
In the hours before the dawn --
Hopping nimbly between sidewalk and street --
Following the goat path.

Down by the quarry, running --
He heard Greg Brown mutter --
From behind shutters of oak and maple --
"I'm living in a prayer."

Who was that glimpsed through a window while running this morning?
Were those horns over his ears? -- or headphones?
Was he dancing like Fagin in his own kitchen?  Or am I mistaken?

Fathered by a trickster god -- weaned on Iowa corn. 


Lynette said...

Wow! You've been really posting, and I haven't been keeping up! It'll take a bit for me to read all of this. You should be able to click on a box that says "email follow-up comments to:" or something like that.
I was talking about the Buffalo Gals piece. Not sure which category that fits into!
Sounds like you are keeping busy. Good luck with it all!

Goatsinger said...

Yeah, the Tucker/Gals piece is ready. All I need is a choreographer, and singer-dancer-actor types.